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Biza•io is excited about the opportunities that the Consumer Data Right will unlock within the Australian financial services sector. Biza•io is rapidly building a number of key technology components for use by participants of the CDR.

The Consumer Data Standards provide a complex set of information related to product definitions of banking products. While this is a powerful set of data for personalised banking products it also presents challenges for Data Holders in achieving compliance.

Data Holders have an opportunity to not only comply but also innovate within the open banking ecosystem. delivers solutions for Data Holders, such as Financial Institutions & Banks, to assist them to both Comply and Innovate within the Australian open banking landscape.

Australian Consumer Data Standards Payload Venn

Product Payload Designer

The Consumer Data Standards define a rich definition capability, currently for Transaction Accounts, Credit Cards and Term Deposits (Mortgages coming soon).

How your potential customers view your products is critical.

Biza•io’s Product Payload Designer is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for CDR Product Information data. Using a simple point and click interface you can ensure your products are clearly defined and accurate, increasing your chances of converting customers.

The Payload Designer currently supports:

  • Detailed Feature Details
  • Once Off and Recurring Fee Structures
  • Structured and Tiered Lending and Deposit Rates
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Constraint Criteria
Product Listing
Product View and Design

DataRight Lab Open Banking Sandbox

Through our initiative Biza•io has established Australia’s first Open Banking Sandbox.

Hosted in the cloud the DataRight Lab enables potential Data Recipients to rapidly build and deploy model data holders (“model bank”) and focus on building their value propositions for customers.

With the graphical administration utility the DataRight Lab empowers you to test various transaction types, fee and interest behaviours all while interacting in the Consumer Data Right format, the Consumer Data Standards.

Hosted Holder

Powered by the same architecture behind Lab, Biza•io’s Hosted Holder allows organisations to rapidly deploy a CDR compliant Product Information API quickly, easily and highly efficiently.

A fully managed service and backed by a 99.999% service level agreement (SLA), the Biza•io Hosted Holder includes a graphical product administration interface, unlimited scalability and 24×7 monitoring and support.

High Availability API Endpoint Deployment